Table Cloth
Table Runner
Kitchen Linen
Pan holder
Kitchen Towel
Bread basket
Bread bag
Bed Linen
Bed Cover
Duvet cover
Pillow Cover
Bed Linen
Beach Matress
Indoor Textiles
Chair pad
Floor Cushion
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With 23000 sq feet modern facility equipped with state of art machinery, we are geared up to international standards with good quality practices to ship you successful merchandise year after year.
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TexNora has been exporting high quality high fashion Home Textiles, made ups and Home furnishing for past 20 years.

Very reputed brands of Europe, US and other parts of the world are in our clients list.

TexNora will be pleased to mail you our client list upon enquiry and welcomes you to add us as your manufacturer suppliers.

Show Room
After years of exporting various Home Textiles items, Today we have a splendid collection of fabrics and made ups for entire home in wide range of design. All our collections are beautifully showcased for buyers in an ambient showroom.

Our Show Room is a well equipped work place for buyers with all communication facilities. Buyers are assisted by seasoned merchandisers and technicians to create & source new designs in short notice.
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